Find out clever ways to boost your sales in the Middle East with our free, 30-minute consultancy

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Find out clever ways to boost your sales in the Middle East with our free, 30-minute consultancy

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In recent years, French export industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, fashion, textile, food&wine, and financial services saw their international success grow systematically. French companies willing to expand on the global market and acquire new leads know how a customer-driven approach to their marketing is essential for the best Return on Investment.

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  • Boost your sales in Dubai and the Gulf
  • Create content that resonates with the audience
  • Rank higher on Google with SEO-oriented copywriting

French-Arabic Localization

Localization goes far beyond translation. It is, in fact, a holistic approach to content adaptation that considers linguistic, cultural, and socioeconomic differences before producing a culturally appropriate rendition of your website. Many firms choose localization for their websites, e-commerce, and digital marketing campaigns to resonate with the language and culture of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, and the Gulf. Arabic, according to, is the fourth most used language on the internet, with 5.3% of the total users. The Arabic markets are on the upswing, with a growing user base yet to realize their full economic potential. Content localization will help you market your best-selling products and services in a way that resonates with the local potential customers. If you don't have an already well-developed content marketing strategy, you can consider multilingual SEO copywriting for your website.

Don't Let Bureaucracy Slow Down Your Growth

  • For certificates, trade licenses, patents, and litigation documents
  • Attested by the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Justice

Arabic-French Legal Translations

French businesses and individuals operating in the UAE often need certified translations of trade licenses, patents, and litigation documents. Langpros helps international companies in their operations by offering attested translations in Arabic, French, English, Spanish, and Italian certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice.

Let Your Clients Hear You

  • Live translation of any type of event
  • Compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, and MS Teams

Arabic-French Interpreting

Is your company organizing meetings, press conferences, seminars, or international business missions? Then you will need a reliable partner to enable French-Arabic communication during your event. Langpros will boost your success in Dubai and the Middle East with a complete range of interpreting services, even from remote and integrated with the most popular videoconferencing platforms. Not sure about the best solution for your Arabic-French translation project? Contact us today at, we will be happy to advise on the best option for your needs, and you will get a customized quote!


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